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WWW Services

Nowadays everything has to be online. Whether it is a simple website or an advanced web service – we know how to do it. We work with technologies like Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, PHP, Python and JavaScript.

Mobile applications

How would the world seem today without mobile devices? It wouldn’t be so well communicated for sure. We develop native applications for Android operation system.

Desktop applications

Regardless of how cloudy and decentralised the world is nowadays, desktop computers are still incredibly popular. That is how languages like C++, C# and Java are also within our interests.


Tomasz Słuszniak

Student of Information Technology at Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology at Warsaw University of Technology. Daily interested in photography, graphics, movie production and video editing.
Kotlin Android Java Swift iOS C++ HTML CMS Python

Piotr Muzyczuk

Daily studying at Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology at Warsaw University of Technology. Subject: Information Technology. Already has on his account some projects of his own authorship.
PHP JavaScript HTML5 CSS3 C# MySQL


  • All the communicates in one place

    You don’t have to scroll through the multitude of various websites any more to know what is happening at the University! Service fetches communicates form places like faculty websites, University’s main webpage or sites belonging to student organisations and presents them in one place.

  • Access to materials

    Communicates are not everything. Apart from that, in the service you can have access to materials needed for the subjects you attend, your lecture schedule or academic year calendar.

  • Any websites

    You are not limited only to University’s websites. As well you can add links to other sites frequently used by you in an academic life.

  • Mobile application

    Service has its own mobile application. With it on board, even when you don’t have time to check the the service’s website regularly, you won’t miss anything. Application notifies you when at one of the websites that you observe some new communicates show up. Apart from that, from the app you have access to the same materials as through the service’s website.

  • Personalisation

    Every user has his own account where, after logging in, he can decide to which materials he wants an access.

  • Platforma Informacyjnej Współpracy Ogólnowydziałowej

Other activities

Inspiring Hackathon

31.03.2017 Tomasz and Piotr have taken part in hackathon organised by Inspiring Solutions and BZ WBK together with Teradata company. Event was based oround the topic of big data and bank analysis. 24 hours of work and focus unfolded into a success, their team scored first place.

BEST Hacking League

27.05.2017 Piotr and Tomasz participated as mentors in a hackathon organied at Warsaw University of Technology by BEST Student Board in cooperation with BSH, PWC and Netcompany.


21.04.2018 Tomasz together with Adam took part in hackathon organised by Neuro Device Group and G.Tec Neurotechnology, which had a topic of neuro computer science. Surprisingly they decided to join two defferent teams. Event took place in Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center. Participants using special equipment were analysing brainwaves of particular people and, based on that, they were implementing solutions being able to detect appropriate impulses and patterns in order to control various systems. The effect of concurrence was scoring by Adam’s team the first place, whereas Tomek’s team scored the second.